Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 38

For the most part it was a really nice week with great weather for being outdoors. The exception was on Monday when Austin's cross country meet got rained out. Bummer!

Sunday - Sept 12

I actually forgot to take a picture for today, so I'm using one taken this week in place of todays. lol

I took advantage of the lovely weather to be outside when I could, and on this particular day, my son had forgotten something at home that he needed for school. I took one of the dogs with me, and on the way home we stopped at the nearby lake and took a short walk.

 Monday - Sept 13

I started an online class today. It's for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions, and it's to help teach coping mechanisms for the emotional and physical pain, and tips for improving your quality of life. Because so many sign up for the class, we are divided into smaller "classes". There are about a dozen in my class. The majority are from the US, but there are a couple from Australia, England, Germany & Belgium. We have online discussions, and already we all agree that it's so nice to talk to people who understand.

Tuesday - Sept 14

Another day at the lake. Pelicans are starting to migrate through the area and there were probably 30+ in the group today. I probably sat there for about an hour watching them. They were so fun to watch.

Wednesday - Sept 15

This picture makes me laugh. I met Ashley today and we went for supper at Okoboji Grill. It's hard to see it in the picture, but the first energy drink listed on the left side is called "Cherry Bomb". Anyone who knows Ashley well, knows the car she has (which is the only car she's ever had) is named "Cherry Bomb". She thought it was so cool that it was on there and wanted her picture taken with it. Of course afterwards we noticed the big yellow letters, which make it look like we're excited about the Beer & A Bomb. LOL

Thursday - Sept 16

Today another flare reared it's ugly head and had me in bed. I had fallen asleep, but was soon awakened by Tucker who had decided to lay down beside me...right beside me....on top of my outstretched arm and halfway on my face, beside me. I took this picture with the arm that was pinned down. I guess I should be thankful for the love. ha

Friday - Sept 17

I got out of bed today to give Jay a ride because his pickup was at one field and he was at another. When I got there, he was out there in the combine, just finishing up this field, but was ready for a little break as he'd also get something to eat.

Saturday - Sept 18

Still in bed, but I did get a smile on my face when Jay brought in a package that had arrived in the mail for me. I have mentioned my love for the Life Is Good brand before, so it goes without saying that I was very happy that my package contained a new shirt and a pair of socks that I had ordered. If you haven't tried LIG shirts you really should. They are uber soft and comfy! As a matter of fact, on my flare days that's all I want to wear.

That was our week. Head over to Sara's through the link in the side bar to see more pictures!


McCrakensx4 said...

Pelicans...really? I never thought of them anywhere but at a harbor. How fun to watch them. And love that shirt and those socks are the cutest. And the pic of you and Tucker is so sweet!

The Bug said...

Love the lake pictures - gorgeous! That Cherry Bomb picture is hilarious - I'll bet you guys would be funny intoxicated (I would be asleep under the table).

How's the farming going this summer? It's been SOO dry here - some farmer was rolling his corn like hay. We had never seen that before.

Off to check out LIG!

skoots1mom said...

what a cute shirt and socks...enjoy them!
it is very nice to talk with others who really understand...good job!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a sweetie wanting to lay next to you during your nap!

Hope you have a better week this week! Finding an online support group will be such a comfort!


Tori said...

Glad you are taking the class and finding support from others who can relate so well! Prayerfully you will be encouraged as well.
Cherry Bomb, huh? That is funny, but not quite as funny as the after thought about the "beer and a bomb!" :)
So sorry to hear the week ended rough, but glad you had someone to cuddle with you and some great cozy clothes to help soothe you!
Have a super week!