Sunday, January 25, 2009

ACK! Send Up The Prayers...QUICK!

The flu is going around our area really badly. I made the unfortunate choice to comment (just last night)about how lucky our family had been, because we haven't had the flu in our house so far at all this year.

This morning I woke Austin up to take a shower before church. He came out and said "Mom, can I go back to bed. I don't feel good and I'm really, really tired". Doesn't sound too severe, right?

That's how several of his basketball team members have started out right before it went into full-fledged flu symtpoms that have lasted a few days.

The reason we are in a panic is that tonight Austin is supposed to be in his Show Choir/Jazz Band show at his school. He really enjoys this and has worked so hard (along with everyone else) to get ready for the show tonight, and it'd be such a shame if he ended up having to miss it.

I am asking for anyone reading this to please take a moment and send up a quick prayer. He can be sick for the next week if he has to be, just not tonight!! :(

Update: Thanks so much for the prayers here and by email...they appear to be working! Praise God! Austin slept until around lunchtime and while he said he feels better he says he just feels exhausted and still has slight headache. He hasn't eaten much, and has laid on the couch since he got up. I asked what he thought about tonight and he said he is definitely going.


Vikki Wright said...

Praying for Austin right now...In Jesus' name, Amen!
By the way, I lived in Greenacres, WA for several years! Now I'm in Uganda, Africa...quite a bit different. Come see what I'm up to if you want...
Hope Austin feels better quickly!

skoots1mom said...

Jesus would you look down on Austin and cover him with your know how hard he has worked for his concert. Gather him up and give him strength...let his body fight whatever is making him feel bad so he can accomplish his goal as he uses the talents you gave him...

Dena said...

Thank you so much for the prayers here and those I received by email. They appear to be working...Praise God!