Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Austin's Concert

Sunday night Austin was in the Show Choir & Jazz Band concert at his high school. We had a bit of a panic on Sunday morning, which I talked about here, but all worked out well and he was able to go and I am so glad.

He plays the trumpet in band and it's no surprise to me that he enjoys jazz band. He does a great job and loves playing his horn. Since I am one who can't read a single note of music, I love watching the kids' fingers as they flit around playing the instruments. It's amazing to me.

Regarding Show Choir though....

Austin's a shy quiet kid. The total opposite of his sisters. He quit the childrens choir at our church several years ago because his Grandma led the choir, and he was mad because "Gramma makes us dance". It became a battle with him crying each time we tried to take him to choir practice, so we stopped making him go.

So when Austin told us a couple of months ago that his music teacher at school encouraged him to do show choir, I wanted to tell the teacher to give it up, because if this kid wouldn't dance for "Gramma", he sure wasn't going to dance for the teacher.

I was wrong...and I couldn't be happier about it.

The jazz band part of the show was what I expected. It was full of fun, toe tapping songs and some small solo parts. We have a very small jazz band, but they are talented kids who really enjoy playing together.

When the first song for the show choir started, I was blown away. Sure the kids looked great and they all did a great job singing, but what got me most was there was my son...the one who doesn't dance, the shy introverted boy...up on stage, singing and dancing and I could tell he was enjoying it! It actually brought tears to my eyes seeing my son coming out of his shell.

Seeing him mature and blossom in this way has me so excited for the rest of his high school years. It should be a very fun time for him....and for us to enjoy as well.


sara said...

isn't it great to see a new side of our children emerge? I have 2 of those shy kids and it is so awesome to see them come out of that shell and enjoy it!!!

love the pics!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Awwww...it makes me wonder what kinds of things I will see blossom in my kids when they are older. You give me such hope and encouragement with the stories of your older kids! :-)