Thursday, October 22, 2009

All By Myself

Remember the 1975 hit "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen?

Well since Tuesday...and for the rest of this week, I am all by myself. Jay is working 16-20 hr days selling pigs and harvesting the corn. He is so tired that I swear he is sometimes already asleep as he is walking into the house.
I took this picture of him on Tuesday night as he came in to grab a bite to eat. He decided to come in and grab a bite to eat. He lasted maybe 5 minutes, and bless his heart, he was out cold in the chair. I left him there for about an hour before waking him back up. He went in, washed his face, gave me a hug and headed back out.

I literally only get to see him for minutes each day. But at least, I've always had the kids to keep me company.

Not this year. The girls of course are at college, and Austin left after school on Tuesday for a long bus ride to Indiana. He and 7 other FFA members are attending the FFA National Convention in Indianapolis. They'll get back late on Friday night.

Then Austin turns around and leaves early Saturday morning for All-State Music auditions, and he won't get home until around 10pm, at which point Austin and his dad will both probably come walking into the house half-asleep and collapse into their beds.

So from now, until Sunday morning, I'm alone - All By I leave you with this:

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I remember that song. Sad! Well, you kinda sorta have company here and on FB?